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Audit Methodology

Our audit work is generally divided into a number of phases as detailed below, however, the timing and audit processes are dependant on the needs of our clients.

The purpose of our approach is to focus our audit on the key audit areas, determined by the purpose of the audit and any issues management may highlight or request to be reviewed. This approach allows for a thorough audit whilst ensuring audit efficiency.

We achieve this goal by conducting an assessment of inherent risk and control environment strengths in the client organisation as well as initial discussions with management.

Due to our approach communication with management will be of particular importance in the initial audit phase in developing a suitably tailored audit plan.

An integral part of this process is the involvement of the senior management of AMW. Their involvement at the initial stage ensures the most efficient audit process is selected and maintains their 'hands on' approach with our clients. In keeping with the audit philosophy and methodology of AMW, the senior management team make themselves readily available to our clients whether it is in regards to the audit or any other issue we can assist with.